Analysis Consultant

Kathy Robinson

As a seasoned finance and data analysis professional, Kathy brings nearly 30 years of experience and expertise working in the private and public sectors.

While she began her career at Key Bank, her passion is helping non-profits navigate complex financial landscapes by leveraging her keen analytical acumen to drive strategic decision-making and enhance organizational performance. Most recently, she has contributed to the education industry, wielding her talents in administration to streamline processes and optimize operational efficiency.

At the heart of Kathy’s approach lies a commitment to problem-solving and process orientation. Whether dissecting intricate datasets or spearheading cross-functional initiatives, Kathy is known for her ability to uncover insights and drive actionable outcomes that propel businesses forward.

She is skilled in multiple tools for financial and data analysis. Kathy is also adding to her toolkit with a Google Data Analytics Certification, which should be completed by mid-2024.

Kathy has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an MBA in Banking/Finance from Case Western Reserve. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and young adult sons doing anything outdoors, whether hiking a new trail in a National Park or fishing for walleye in Lake Erie!

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